E-mail: info@makinarya.ph

Contact No.: 0908-8841015

How To

…Become a Member

It’s easy to join and start renting through Makinarya.

Click on the “Member” page and fill up all the details. Let one of our Account Managers verify your information and complete the membership. Now, you can start renting.

…Add and Rent Out Your Equipment

All verified members with approved accounts can add their own equipment to rent and generate profit and productivity. It’s free to put up a listing.

Click on the “Member” page and log into your Makinarya Account. Next, click on “Enlisted Equipment” and press “Add Equipment”. Fill up all the details accurately so that we can help you out properly. Let one of our Account Managers verify your equipment information and complete the enlistment.

Once its published and rental requests come in just wait for an email and a call from one of our Account Managers. Remember, you still have control over who and where your equipment is rented. The final say is always under your control. Let us handle the transport details. Just sit back relax and let us get your rentals started.